Make good cash with Green Gram Farming in Kenya

Green Grams Business in Kenya

Farmers have struggled for many years to grow different varieties of crops with the gain due to low rainfall. However, those in semi-arid areas of the country have finally found a crop that is putting money in their pockets. Green Gram commonly known as Ndengu is a crop know for is ability to grow in drought areas since it does not require much rainfall to produce vast products. The crop takes three months to grow where afterwards the pods are harvested just like maize, dried, and threshed and then they are winnowed. Green Grams are well known for their ability to resist pests and diseases which are known to arrack other crops resulting to low yields production. Discussed below are that factors that farmers should know regarding the production of Green Grams.

Cost of Starting

Cost of starting is simply the capital that the farmers invest in the farm through purchasing the necessary requirements needed to start producing the crop as well as getting that land ready for planting. The following are the considerations that farmers should observe before they start the production of green grams as this will guarantee them a good harvest at the end of the season

  • Green grams seeds 4kg per acre Sh1,000
  • Land preparation Sh2000
  • Planting cost Sh1500
  • Spraying pesticides Sh3000
  • Weeding Sh 3000
  • Harvesting Sh6000
  • Threshing per bag Sh1000

Where to Start the Business

The location of the business is one thing most farmers tend to ignore. This results to them incurring huge loses when their crop fails to produce as per their expectations. Farmers should always have a vast knowledge when it comes to the geographical condition of the area. This is because the crop does well in specific climatic condition which in this case is the semi-arid areas as it requires little amount of rainfall. Green Grams can either be produced in large scale or small scale so farmers in the semi-arid areas such as Ukambani and the dry parts of Tharaka Nithi county should consider growing the crop as a source of income.

This will therefore enable them to make good money by investing in their farms since Green Grams has a promising market both in Kenya as well as the abroad.

Target Market

Target market is basically the potential buyers of the produce one it is out the farms. Farmers are always cautions when it comes to finding a promising market for their crops since they depend on the crops to provide basic needs for their families. Most for the people who have not tried growing the crop for business purpose will often assume that it’s a waste of farmers’ time. However, this is only a believe since a serious farmer can and will never lack market for his produce. The reason behind this that not only does Green Grams have a promising market I our country but also it’s an export commodity in countries such as Asia, India, china, Saudi Arabia Pakistan among others. Also there are some already established agencies in Kenya which are meant to help Green Gram farmers market their produce as well as ensuring that they are not exploited in the process.

Farmers should therefore overcome their fears of lacking market for their produce and think of how they can increase their products so as to make more money which will improve their living standard.

Initial Capital

Are you worried of how you will acquire a capital to start producing Green Grams? Then you don’t have to stress yourself anymore. This is because the solution for your troubles is within your reach all you have to do is take it. The government have established numerous Sacco’s which main aim is to help farmers with monetary issues. One thig that some farmers have no idea about is that Green Gram production requires little capital to start. All they have to worry about is getting quality seeds for planting, preparing the land, planting cost, cost of sprays as well as harvesters and threshers once the crop is ready.

Farmers can acquire initial capital by applying for a loan in the many Sacco’s as by the end of the season they will be in a position to pay it back using the profit they will get after selling their produce.

Profit Margin

One thing that every farmer should be keen about is making some reasonable profit from the crop that they produce. Green Grams farmers use approximately Sh50 to produce a kilo of the grain. However, an acre of land can produce up to 4 bags each 90kg where a kilo of the grain goes at Sh100 in the local market. Reasonably, planting 2kgof Green Gram a farmer will harvest 90kg of the crop each selling at a minimum of Sh100.

This definitely means that a farmer will earn Sh18,000 from just one acre of his land. Considering that the same outcomes are expected on the other pieces of land, it’s reasonable to say that a farmer will be able to make enough profit to pay for the loan as well as invest for the next season.

In conclusion, Green Gram growing business in Kenya is one of the most profitable engagement which assures farmer of earning a good living form. Although its most suitable for the semi-arid areas, it encourages farmers through it outcomes which is beneficial to the consumers. This is because Green Grams are usually rich in nutrients and also they are very organic since a very small amount of chemical is used in the course of it production.

Therefore, Kenyans who live in the semi-arid areas should take it a challenge and put effort in producing the crop which is in high demand in Kenya as well as other western countries who buy the product at a very promising price. This will help reduce the cases of poverty in our country as well as boost the economic status of our country. Green Gram production is a sure bet for a wealthy living.

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