Profitable businesses to start in 2019

Have you ever dreamt of owning a profitable business? Are you worried about huge capital investments? You should anymore, try this one out.  Many young entrepreneurs have been misled by the popular opinion that profitable businesses need huge capital investment. However, I disagree with that and I bring to you an inner view that most of the people haven’t discovered yet. You can still own business with low capital investments.

Top Ideas to Invest in 2019

You only need to have an overlook on the ideas below, work hard believe and you will prove to yourself that you don’t need substantial capital investments to own a profitable business.

  • Children Day Care Services

Currently, many young parents no longer want to be housewives. They aspire to go out and work, resulting in the need of someone to take care of their young children. However, house helps have been unreliable when they go out when they have not completed their daily duties, and some might even leave without giving notifications. Many of the parents have been forced to look for someone more reliable who can take care of their children during the day as they return home late. Therefore emergence of daycare can be of high profit; you only need a small room with some few toys which might cost at most Sh50,000 preferably not colossal capital.


  • Selling Second Hand Clothes

Selling second-hand clothes is one of the most profitable businesses you can invade it. Many people change their wardrobes as time goes by embracing the world of fashion today.  Despite it being a booming business it’s also one of those that require less capital. Currently a bale of second-hand clothes costs to an amount of Sh15, 000-20,000 which will give you returns upon the first sale. You can sell door to door or sell during the market days which will create a significant bond between you and your customers, making your business secured. You can also use social media to market your clothes which might lead to replenishing a new stock on a daily basis. Concluding that selling second-hand clothes is more of profit than anyone can ever think to start.


  • Car Wash

To start with, this is a nasty job which will make you dirty but rich. Always consider areas where many people flood with their cars. Places like hotels, entertainment points, and in estates can be one of the places where cash will flow. Yes, it will make you dirty, but you will have fought financial freedom.

  • Small Hotel

Food is one of the daily needs a human being needs as they carry out their daily activities, which gives you as entrepreneur security of selling. You only require some small room, some cash to buy the foods which might equate to Sh15, 000-20,000. Your foods delicacy will market your business; people will flood down if only your food will be delicious, ensure the environment you are situated in is clean and await cash flow.

  • Selling Boiled Eggs and Smokies

Selling sausage, samosa and boiled eggs business you need capital of around Sh1, 000 to start.

You will buy an egg at Sh10 and then sell at Sh20; getting 10 shillings of profit daily. The highest number you can sell is at around Sh500 of profit,  which amounts to Sh15,000 of profit every Month. You only need a clean environment and customers will flood leading to cash flow.

  • Movie/ Football  Business

You only need capital of Sh 50, 000-; it’s easier and more profitable. You can use your laptop or your desktop to download movies which currently goes approximately Sh3, 000 per day amounting to Sh90, 000 per month. You also need a good screen for watching such, also internet or DSTV to stream live matches daily.


  • Selling Ice Cream

This business can trend well along schools college’s universities and in town centers. Children and university students are one of the largest customers you will get because they love ice cream. You need an amount of Sh20, 000 to start the business which will give back returns in the first sale.


  • Juice Blending/Fruit Business

Many people have now switched to a healthy diet, and they mostly want to avoid manufactured foods and consume the right fresh foods. Many people have gone ahead to avoid taking quencher which is believed to have chemicals. With this in mind, the demand for freshly blended fruits has increased

With a capital of Sh10, 000 you can buy the blending machine and some fruits to start with which is much profitable.

In conclusion, the amount of capital you invest in a business does not matter how profitable it will be how you manage your business will determine greatly on how valuable your company will be. You have the ideas at your fingertips now, don’t bury your dreams of being an entrepreneur. Through the small business, you start you can still make it big; you don’t need to be a millionaire to start a profitable business, your creativity, marketing and the quality of the services you produce will determine the number of customers and the amount of cash flow you will receive.

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