The Cheapest  Highly Demanded Business Investments in Kenya 

Every day, new business are coming up but the majority of the owners are first  putting pen onto paper with one aim; to zero down on initial cost. Most businesses owners would rather toy with the idea until such a time when the cost of inception is guaranteed to be at zero or even minimum.

With increased running costs ranging from rent, electricity, water, salaries and other associated overheads, a sizable number of new owners find it efficient and prudent to take time and research on the most viable business at minimal cost of  investment. This explains the reason why there is massive mushrooming of  a variety of new businesses in various sectors. Among the most enviable and viable businesses that have hit the ground rolling include:

  • Fitness Training. This is one  of the most interesting type of business. No money? Why worry? With a simple pair of sports shoe and that love for people, you are good to go. People are willing to go for that morning jog but do they have somebody to motivate them? Do you have that will and passion to enable somebody shed some weight? Well, this type of business is a gold mine. Commitment and discipline with some work ethics is all you need. No premises, no tools, no capital.

  • Flower nurseries. People like flowers. In fact they love them. Rich people like beauty, natural beauty if you like. They hate toiling and soiling their clean kept hands. With a small compound, many business owners have skillfully refined their business acumen and made beautiful flower nurseries from where they supply and plant within the compounds of their clients. The only thing their customers do is just to  admire  their  green kept homesteads. A cheap  but rewarding business venture.

  • Running errands. Everybody is busy. Many professions today are so demanding that time for shopping and even paying bills may be constrained .But not all is lost. Many people have identified the gap and are today moving from office to office. Delivering fruits, clothing, collection and deliveries of parcels are some of the most lucrative businesses today that demand no capital at inception. Within the confines of the same city, errands are cheap and easy to do. It’s a win win situation  to both the business and the clientele.

  • Holiday Tuition. Just like everybody else, parents are also on the run. From dawn to dusk, the children are left in the wilderness, wandering and idling. Kids require constant supervision. Most parents are desperately looking for somebody they can entrust their kids with. This comes along with some degree of responsibility to the service provider. The kids must have a sense of security. The parents must rest assured that the kids are learning the right contents. It’s a delicate balancing that require collaborative input by all sides. All said, it requires zero investment and its highly rewarding.

  • Tour Guide . A new crop of investors  have discovered that one does not need to have capital to venture in this kind of business. They are strategically positioning themselves  in such a way that they have mastered the Geography of their local towns and devised methods to execute their missions with zero amount of investment. A visitor jets in with his own vehicle and personal belongings. These investors become their drivers and guides  organizing even accommodation for their visitors. All this is facilitated by the tourist. At the end of it all, the visitor is satisfied with the service and refers more tourist for a visit.

  • Online Writing: With job scarcity scaling high day by day and businesses demanding more in terms of finances and even management, people have massively turned into online writers. In Online Writing,   one only needs a seat and   internet that is readily accessible and available. With self-commitment, one can easily prosper in this venture with zero investment: It’s a business that is not site oriented as one can freely relocate without financial disruptions. Most young people especially those not engaged in permanent formal employment have found solace in online writing. See more:

  • Event Planning and Organizing: Modern day workers especially those in offices face various challenges related to the planning and organizing of their diverse events. Ranging from birthdays , weddings, dowry occasions, burials and even touring. Due to time constrains, most of them engage event planners and organizers in smooth execution of their various events. The planners are tasked with ensuring that the events are successful  from inception, planning and execution. They develop clear logistical models that enable them realize the goals and objectives of their clients.  This they do at a fee though at the initial stages, they did not incur any costs related to the venture.

  • Relocation: Job transfers and job changes demand a change in location. It’s a tasking exercise that involves total disarray of house properties, change of schools and even long distance transfer of the entire family members. Working people in demanding jobs have completely delegated these roles to third parties at a fee. A new crop of business owners are now offering this service at a   fee passing every cost associated with the same to their clients.  Some cost like hiring of vehicles are also borne by the clients. It is one of the highest  paying job today that is not demanding at inception. However, the service provider must ensure that the goals and objectives of the client are realized to remain relevant in the market.]

  • Marketing agency/Advertisement: Land has become a scarce resource today. Those with money want to buy. Those without money want to sell. Unfortunately, the seller cannot locate a buyer. Equally, the buyer can’t locate the seller. Between them comes land brokers who offer their services at a fee. It’s a mutually rewarding venture where the buyer, the seller and the broker benefit . In fact, the broker does not even require an office. It’s a highly mobile nature of engagement that does not require any capital.

  • Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Appliances: In the modern day, people are ready and willing to pay; pay for convenience , efficiency and comfort. Nobody is willing to carry a faulty radio, TV, fridge or even microwave to town for services. Its cumbersome, its risky, its costly and inconveniencing. There are entrepreneurs willing to do all this ,at the convenience of their clients within their living rooms. No transport cost to the clients. No transport damages. The service provider does not incur any rental and licensing expenses. Its one of the most sought after venture especially in big populous towns. And it pays.

  • Entertainment: Either in weddings, dowry occasions and family gatherings, a new breed of entertainers has cropped up. The dance troupes comprising young acrobatic talents have taken over. Most of these dancers are inexperienced in terms of marketing and branding, others lack guidance while the majority do not know what the market wants. With a sharp business focus, any entrepreneur can reap big with proper utilization of these talents at precisely no cost. It should however be noted that as an entrepreneur, one must need skills in human resource management in order to blend well with his team.

  • Waste Disposal and Recycling: There is a growing concern on the continued dumping of electronic wastes haphazardly. Most homesteads are clogged with heaps of plastics wastes, old computers and radios that have outlived their usefulness. Majority of home owners are desperately looking for alternative methods of disposal but modalities and space are a big hindrance. To bridge this gap, new business owners are coming up with cheap disposal mechanisms that does not only relieve home owners but also generate income . They also recycle the wastes and resell them to other users. Majority of the home owners have no clue on disposal mechanisms and they are willing to pay a service provider in getting rid of unnecessary wastes.

  • Translation: Kenya is slowly becoming a global tourist attraction.  With many visitors coming from Europe , Kenyans with expertise in a foreign language are positioning themselves to cash in on the ready business of language translation. A basic command in a foreign language is enough to jump start a rewarding  venture in tourism at no cost. It’s a highly demanded service even in entertainment industry where some songs can  as well be translated to  a second language.


Finally , with the emergence of the above business types that require zero investment at inception, the economy of a country is able to grow . Growth of an economy comes along with many benefits some of which include high standards of living, more employments,  improved health care and access to better education. In Conclusion , it would be fair to say that small businesses that require zero investment are the engines in which the economy of any country is founded.  With the continued upsurge in unemployment today, businesses with zero investments today should be mobilized at all costs.

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